110kV Line Overhead Line Design - Bells Pond


Oceania Dairy Limited


This design project was delivered to Oceania Dairy Limited on Cooneys Road, Glenavy. The design was for a Dual Circuit 110kV Line on hardwood poles incorporating an exisiting 11kV Distribution line along the route from Bells pond to the Oceania.


$270K (Design)

Key Dates

Commenced: 2012
Completed: 2013


The Oceania Dairy Limited BPD-CMR 110kV Line project was delivered by ElectroNet Services (design) and demonstrates the ENS Design Team’s ability to successfully address unforeseen issues, efficient, clear communication with all parties’ involved and innovative approach to this complex design.

Technical Complexity

The ElectroNet Services design team was required to produce a comprehensive design report to meet the high level design criteria of a dual circuit 110kV line on hardwood poles, incorporating an existing 11kV distribution line. This complex design included pole structures and the development of a structure material list, presented in a detailed line schedule. A review of the finished design was undertaken by an independent registered Engineer.

PLS CAD was used to design the line route and the team required some innovative, creative thinking to overcome some of the challenges involving the placement of poles in relation to the State Highway, water races and irrigators. The team maintained a clear, concise pathway of communication with the Engineer, contracted to oversee the project, allowing engagement of the client and other parties involved. This resulted in unencumbered access to the work site to peg the line and to confirm or alter pole positions.


This site was in a rural setting with the majority of the line encompassing the road corridor as well as aerial trespass, necessitating the arrangement of easements. The project required a multi-skilled team collaborating closely with the contracted Engineer, local network company, NZTA, local roading authorities and councils. This simplified the design process and alleviated any problems as they arose, such as; State Highway crossings, water races and irrigators.