Design and Survey

ElectroNet Services Design and Survey team has a depth of skill and experience in the design, construction and operation of Distribution and Sub Transmission Lines.  This multi-disciplinary team uses their understanding and knowledge of the industry to provide hands-on execution and advisory services to the client, culminating in a superior, timely, high standard construction.  To ensure the best outcome for the client the ElectroNet Services team offers the following;

Surveying and Staking of Overhead and Underground Distribution Lines

Field design and staking of overhead and underground facilities is a critical phase of every construction.  Utilising distribution field design skills obtained through years of practical experience the team will survey existing facilities along a proposed line route and stake overhead and underground lines for construction.

Design of Sub Transmission and Distribution Lines for New and Existing Electrical Facilities

A profile and final plan will be produced by the team based on accurate collection of the field data to ensure correct design and economical construction.  ENS utilises advanced computer software in the process of designing including PLS CADD for Sub Transmission lines and CATAN for Distribution lines along with programs developed in-house to utilise Microsoft Office Suite.  Examples of some of the services offered during the design process include;

  • Structure Selection and Design – Wood, Steel and Concrete Pole Structures
  • Route Selection
  • Basic Design Calculations – Vertical Clearances, Insulation, Maximum Span lengths, Line Angle Measurements, Guy and Stay Calculations, 
  • Sags and Tensions
  • PLS CADD & CATAN Plan and Profile Design
  • Construction Assembly Drawings and Material Lists
  • Construction Specifications

Easement Acquisition Assistance

Easements are registered against the property title indicating interests in the land and are necessary to ensure access to electrical network equipment on private property.  The Design team can negotiate and procure an easement route and associated documentation.

Joint Use Pole Attachment Structural Loading and Clearance Analysis

ENS recognises the importance of evaluating joint-use issues for both asset owner and the attacher as communication and power companies add equipment to existing or new overhead power lines. The Design team will collect field data required for analysis, provide structural evaluation for ground clearance, calculate vertical separation of cables and conductors, provide plans and perform post inspections.

Customer Contact and Tree Trimming Permission

During the design process it is often necessary to contact customers along the line route to address any tree trimming requirements.  The Design team will explain the design to affected customers and organise any tree trimming.

Cable Locations

Before excavation or digging commences for building, fencing, planting trees and so on it is imperative to locate any underground mains or service cables in the vicinity.  This is to enable the power to be kept on and ultimately for the safety of those involved.  The Design and Survey team offers an information service that is available to all external parties by providing copies of plans and mapping that displays indicative locations of the underground network services in public roads and footpaths – or by providing onsite inspections using modern cable location technology and marking their position with orange spray paint.  There may be instances where underground cables are on private property, such as service mains.

Condition Assessment of Assets

The Condition Assessors have an innovative approach to power pole inspection, structural assessment and condition analysis. This includes, but is not limited to,:

  • Pole inspection using non-destructive techniques;
  • Structural and overhead asset identification;
  • Use of GoPro Camera to assess pole top assets;
  • Defect identification;
  • Maintenance reporting;
  • Entering data into a handheld device and processing information