McKee Substation


Nova Energy


This complex project was delivered for Nova Energy at the McKee production field on Otaraoa Road in Taranaki.

Constructed on a greenfield site, tt involved 2 x 64.5 MVA gas turbines teed into the Transpower Motonui - Stratford 110kV line and use of a pre-fabricated structure to house the substation equipment.


Substation design component $300K

Key Dates

Commenced: 2011
Completed: 2013


This award winning design is an excellent example of the ElectroNet Group (MEL and ENS) collaborating to deliver both design and construction of a complex substation project. The Group’s innovative approach included using a pre-fabricated structure – this is highly relevant to proposed methodology for UHT and TAK. In addition, McKee substation was built on a greenfield site from the ‘ground up’. This demonstrates our ability to deliver complex projects from start to completion.

Technical Complexity

A detailed design report was produced for design of a new a greenfield 110/11kV substation, comprising customer and Transpower equipment to connect to the Motonui – Stratford 110kV line.

The scope of the substation work included transformer procurement and detailed design of the line termination structures, switchroom and building systems, oil containment, switchyard foundation pads, bus structures, buswork and equipment. The design needed to meet Transpower and Nova Energy standards. Mitton ElectroNet designed the earth grid, lightning protection and communications systems and provided protection settings for the transformer protection and 110kV bus zone.

The construction was carried out by ElectroNet Services with site technical support provided by Mitton ElectroNet during the construction process and commissioning.


The project required a multi-skilled team collaborating closely to keep the project on track and resolve problems as they arose. The ability of the MEL and ENS teams to do this ensured the project was commissioned on time and to a very high quality. It also evidences the depth of skill and resource which the ElectroNet group has across all disciplines. Transpower subsequently engaged MEL to carry out the solution study for the new Junction Road 100MW gas turbine project and to provide a proposal for the design work, which will be overseen by Nova Energy.