COVID-19 Update from Westpower and ElectroNet

Our steps to assist in flattening the curve 

ElectroNet companies are committed to maintaining electricity services across our distribution and transmission networks.

Our fault response teams will be working from home to attend to any power outages.

As we move into Level 3 status on 28 April we will be open to attend to normal domestic, commercial & industrial work. Our fibre, data, fire, security and lines teams will be operating under the required safety rules and are available to meet your needs.

We're committed to the health and wellbeing of our workers, contractors and our community.

Electronet do have a dedicated team who are well prepared to provide the best solutions for all consumers.

Please Call 0800 768 241 if you require service. Or phone 03-768 9300 for any general enquiries. 

And please all take care to protect yourselves and those close to you. Together we can all support each other to minimise the risk of a community spread of COVID-19.