ElectroNet Substation

Charlotte Meissner

Charlotte is the Substation Manager for Electronet Transmission Ltd. She has over 15 years business and people management experience leading and delivering company performance within the electrical and communication industry.

She has a high aptitude of organisational and analytical skills with particular attention to detail, critical thinking and client management. She prides herself on continually looking for more effective ways to add value to the company and clients.

Phil Gardyne

Phil is the Senior Project Manager for the ElectroNet Group.  His role extends to the planning and coordination of projects throughout the ElectroNet group.  As part of his role, Phil develops risk and issue registers and tracks progress of projects to ensure mitigation steps are implemented and effective.  Phil also implements quality measures as detailed in ElectroNets Quality Management Plan, and ensures accurate and timely reporting to the client.

Dave Houston

Dave has been working in the electrical industry since 1983 and is a qualified Electrical Fitter and Project Manager.

Dave heads the Nelson branch of ETL and manages the day-to-day operations of the business. He works proactively to ensure that the expectations of Transpower and other customers are met, and also pursues new business opportunities which will utilise the vast and varied skills of the workforce.

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