Barry Furness

Position Title: 
Live Lines Supervisor

Barry has been in the Electrical industry since November 1980.  He currently holds a role as Line Lines Supervisor, actively involved in planning and programming work.  He is in a leadership position and oversees the training and development of trainees and other lines staff.   Barry has a vast range of skills and his competencies include Live Line Glove and Barrier, Live Line Hot Stick Load Bearing, he holds current certification in STMS traffic management and his Wheels, Tracks and Rollers licence.  He has also undertaken training and regularly operates mobile plant including EWP’s and Hiabs.  Barry is a member of the company’s Change Management Group who are responsible for introducing new items of equipment or new procedures into the business.  Barry has been involved with the laying of fibre optic cables throughout the region (both underground and aerial) since approximately 2000, leading and managing many Telecom projects to be completed on time and to budget.

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027 221 1345
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