Thomas O'Callaghan

Position Title: 
Network Manager - Stations

Thomas is employed at Electronet Services as a Network Manager – Stations. He has 42 years experience in the electrical industry having commenced as an electrical apprentice with the Power Board in Ireland in 1973. Thomas has been employed at Electronet for over 20 years.

His responsibilities at ENS include :

  • Control room operations
  • Network operating
  • Stations and network switchgear projects
  • Stations and network switchgear maintenance/replacement  programs
  • Asset management data records
  • Outage co-ordination and planning
  • Hydro generation management

Thomas’s role includes carrying out strategic planning for Westpower’s Zone Substation and network configuration.

Prior to settling in New Zealand and being employed by ElectroNet Services, Thomas worked in the petro chemical, generation and construction industries across Africa, the Middle East and Europe

03 768 2775
027 243 7013
Asset Management: