Upper Takaka Substation Upgrade


Network Tasman


Install and commission 2 Wilson 66/11kV transformers and associated equipment



Key Dates

Commenced: 24/08/15
Completed: 17/03/16

Project Details

Install and commission 2 Wilson 66/11kV transformers. Associated with this was 3 66kV disconnectors, 1 66kV SF6 CB, 3 66kV CT’s, 66kV solid and flexible bus, 11kV cables, 11kV switching units, 1 11/400 transformer 11kV metering unit, 2 transformer protection cabinets, 1 HV protection cabinet, 1 metering cabinet and civil works related to the installation of this equipment

Project Outcomes

Equipment was installed and commissioned to a very high standard. Civil Works – Foundation pads made for all HV equipment. New fence installed, new drainage works and oil interceptor system 2 X Wilson Transformers – Engaged 100 ton crane to lift in position transformers. Transformers lifted into position and wired up to protection 3 X 66kV Disconnectors – Installed to new foundation. Aligned and commissioned 66kV SF6 CB – Installed onto foundation. Filled with SF6 gas and function tested CB. Wire up to protection and commissioned. 66kV CT’s – Installed and wired to protection. Carried out all testing required for HV CT commissioning 11kV Cables – Cables installed in cable trench and terminated using compression kits and cold shrink kits 11kV Halo Switchgear – Installed onto foundation and wired up to the protection. Carried out testing of all units. LV Transformer – Installed onto foundation and commissioned HV and Transformer Protection – Wrote and installed settings for all relays. Commissioned relays and protection


All staff performed well with good client feedback. Good communication between sub-contractors and ETL. Project was completed to a very high standard and timeframes met.